My Approach

KUDO, The Way of the peaceful mind.
Ku : Inner silence, or stillness. The potentiality of emptiness; ready to receive and manifest self realization.
Do : The Way (and the first 2 letters of my name, that became my nickname!)
Kudo hypnotherapy : My practice, which philosophy is partly based on martial arts.

To be rooted allows us to face our fears with lucidity and courage. When the fears are confronted and resolved, the self becomes fully aware, in the here and now. Aware of the true self, of others, and of positive opportunities. By exploring our subconscious mind, hypnosis nurtures the rooting process giving birth to self knowledge, compassion, peace of mind and liberation.




Board certified hypnotherapist
By the International Board of Hypnotherapy
Graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, NM


I have practiced self-hypnosis for 20 years; but it is only recently, in 2015, that I decided to enroll in an intensive 8 week program in a world-renowned hypnotherapy school, in New Mexico.
First, my own path led me to experience wisdom through my body, by practising martial arts for 28 years. As the mother of 3 children, I learned the importance of keeping a spirit of awe and playfullness; staying strongly rooted.
Then, I got exposed to spiritual wisdom as I became a business woman interviewing Gurus in order to feed with inspirational quotes the fortune cookies I was manufacturing. This was my Miss Kukkii period (the name of my company), during which the journalist side of me became fascinated with the spirituality while marketing my business.
Today, the business woman prioritizes self growth to business ventures. By opening a hypnotherapy practice, it is all the academic know-how, combined with the knowledge transmitted by the Masters, as well as by my rich and diverse life experience, that I offer to my clients, with love and dedication.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind. The hypnotic trance is similar to a deep meditation, or to the total focus state during a physical or mental performance; often referred to as ‘the zone’. We are in an hypnotic state just before falling asleep or waking up; or when we are deeply absorbed in a task, or by watching television.
During the hypnotic trance, we are very open to suggestion. As hypnosis allows us to access the subconscious mind and retreive precious yet hidden information, we can understand and reprogram limiting negative perceptions. Positive changes and behavior can then be suggested and visualized to attain specific goals.
Spiritual hypnosis targets natal and past lives regressions to better understand our higher purpose, the nature of our relationships, as well as our recurrant habits and patterns; the information being imprinted in our subconscious mind.

Hypnosis… what to expect? Hypnosis is an extremely efficient healing tool, as the client under hypnosis becomes significantly more receptive to positive suggestions. As hypnosis promotes a profond state of relaxation much beneficial to the body and mind, it softens our critical filter and gives us access to our memory bank and the precious subconscience information.
Most of the time, the hypnotic trance feels like a meditation state. Our senses stay alert, and our body feels very relaxed.
There are three levels of hypnotic state :
Light-Level Altered State: Your body becomes very relaxed, although you will probably not realize you are in an in an altered state of consciousness. Most people can achieve this level quite easily. It is adequate for mind programming or explorations if you trust your own mind and are open to the impressions being received.
Medium-Level Altered State: You become relaxed to the point of losing awareness of your body. You are completely open to suggestion and are able to mentally relive any suggested event. Although you remain aware, to some degree, of any outside disturbances, they will not distract you.
Deep-Level Altered State : Your consciousness is limited. Your are very opened to suggestions, which have maximum efficiency. One person in ten achieves this "somnambulist". (Source : Dick Sutphen)

Hypnosis: Myths and Reality


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