I have had the pleasure experiencing an hypnosis session with Dominique. For months, I had a recurrent dream that would wake me up in the middle of the night; a dream that seemed so real I would be stunned and could not get back to sleep. So I decided to consult with Dominique in order to see what was the meaning behind this dream.
I lived a wonderful experience. I discovered a fear that had been in me for years. We succeeded in understanding and welcoming this fear, then to let it go. Every day I try to deepen this understanding even more, leading to a better self-knowledge. Those dreams stopped almost right away, ever since the hypnosis.
Thank you so much, Dominique, for your help.
Dominique’s strong yet flexible presence as a hypnotherapist helped me gain some important insight into my life. She was a wise and supportive guide to making positive changes in my life.
Dominique immediately put me at ease with her soothing demeanor and positive spirit. She is a talented and dedicated hypnotherapist who aided me greatly in the sessions that we had together. I would strongly recommend her as she is professional, thorough, and a kind, gentle soul who cares strongly for her clients.
To me, being present is at the core of every relationship, be it the one we have with ourself or those we have with others. It is to make my capacity to be present even better that I began the hypnosis sessions with Dominique. Since then, I'm pleased to report that my presence is even more joyful than before, more light, authentic and fun! What more could I ask for!
A fabulous inner exploration in the heart of Self, where the essential and the significant goes beyond the frontier of the daily reality, to improve our life experience.
The compassionate professionalism coupled with the eagerness to heal and help, flows through Dominique’s kind voice, straight from her heart. I experienced altogether a new and unique dimension of hypnotherapeutic realm in my hypnotherapy session as a client with Dominique. Thank you so much !
Dr D.S.
Dominique's therapy has helped me in my workplace. Where as before I would often have trouble focusing when I wasn't in a rush, I can now devote myself completely to the task at hand whenever I want. I immediately saw a positive effect on the quality of my work. G.L.J.



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